Many of you were worried about our senior lab, Roger, who was waiting for a forever home. Well, he has IMG_20170226_210737445found it! He has been on some new pain and joint remedies and he is feeling great! His new family tells us he is happy, energetic, loves going for walks and meeting new people. Here he is in his new home hanging out with the cat. We couldn’t be happier for this boy. If you are interested in adopting or fostering a senior dog, please let us know. The phone calls keep coming! Thank you and happy, happy days to Roger.

13083232_1350318331651165_6926131987663896517_nAurora was available for adoption through Helping Hands Rescue for a year and a half. Through much of that time, one foster Mom loved her, cared for her, took her to vet appointments and spoke with potential adopters. When her own senior dog passed away, it was time to make it official. Aurora was home. Adopted at last. We couldn’t be happier for this sweet girl.

This is Pepper. We got her from Helping Hands Rescue in November. She seems to have settled in quite nicely.12651334_10205742179058313_4467600171935009612_n

12631375_10205050781580789_713682410759734960_nJust wanted to stop by and say thanks for letting us adopt (Augustine) now Arwen and giving our sweet Daenerys a little sister. we are all adjusting well and having so much fun!

12541049_10205462529833911_8792360331281103934_nHe fits right in! Welcome to the family Ozlee. (Oz). Another goofy Siamese from HHR!

1931497_10153477889612880_9070430838863110009_nI am extremely grateful to Helping Hands Rescue for delivering Sahara (Simba) into my life almost FIVE years ago! She has been my best friend and such a smart, funny, loving girl. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Thank you this Christmas to you all for doing such amazing work and bringing joy and companionship to animals and people. Merry Christmas!!

I just wanted to let her know Griffey is doing very well, we brought him home a brother a few weeks after we got him 1936933_10207270875843244_221013385366904775_nand they are inseparable. Griffey is growing and growing, he’s up to 50 pounds now and all legs. He still lays like a frog when he chews on a treat or toy. He’s such a good boy and we love him so much! I hope she sees this post and knows he is spoiled rotten. Griffey is on the right and Gambit is on the left.

12366407_10207945222809168_1885294337051085861_nThanks for including Lucky’s story in your Christmas letter! He ‘s doing great Leela and he are still awesome playmates and loving this snow.

Zac, adopted in June, has fit right in to our four legged family. We are very happy to have him!12308701_10205229266602476_706674177077103880_n

12316110_10203959566948850_5808072747989268865_nThis is our boy Dozer, adopted from HHR in July this year. He is such a good boy, and he is very happy living with us. He has two sisters who he always wants to play with, and one cat sister who tolerates him and he tolerates her. He loves going for walks and getting treats, and he loves meeting new people! In September, we took him with us to Schweitzer for their Fall Fest celebration and he had a blast! We even got him his own paw-shaped stocking for Christmas. We love him very much.

Thank you so much for connecting me with the new love of my life. Timmy is one spoiled little love bug.12304145_10208366836112289_7341802003400933298_o

12279075_10208425463140574_5013326100801218976_nHappy Caturday! Our recent adopted kitties sure look happy!

So happy to have adopted little Roscoe!!! He is such a sweet little boy!12190901_10207851727148381_7192628951074769641_n


12105688_934720746607284_2929635143173568295_n“We adopted Tonka and Agnes (Tandi) in June just wanted to say thank you they are lots of fun to play with. Our older cat Cubby has been more active since they came to live with us.”

“Thank you for our new addition…we named her Princess Di..and love her already…she’s shy and sweet and will be 12039176_10208226103754486_4362873212723831282_nloved forever! We so appreciate Anna Estrada, also for her care and help and sending us your way for our new baby….”


11214134_10207903663135900_8496042967247548242_n“Best kitty ever! Small testimonial to say we love out fur-ever kitties adopted from you! Little Kitty is a big girl, grown to a trim 8 pounder. She’s a living teddy bear. What a great cat!”

“This is Cheeto. He was adopted from Helping Hands two years ago. His mama, Buttercup, was brought to Helping Hands Rescue with a broken leg. HHR took wonderful care of her and the kittens until they were ready to be adopted. Cheeto has turned into a big love bug!” Thank you for adopting!12195894_10207634699643032_3158366524046860704_n

12184282_10102263436831368_270360320351533248_oDenali and Vanellope (the black & white one). Vanellope was adopted through Helping Hands Rescue. Thank you for adopting!

“Spook was rescued her as a feral from the streets in downtown Lewiston when she was six months. Bears (in the middle) was a foster through Helping Hands Rescue, part of a group of 10 kittens from Grangeville. He became a permanent part of the11221974_10153548513075971_4031246702149495763_o family. And Jules was surrendered to Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter with his sister at 8 months and we found him by a chance visit. They complete each other and I’m so glad I found them! They are all loving their new home in Oregon!” Thank you for adopting!

“Our kitten (and this guy’s best friend), Carrot! We just adopted him a couple weeks ago and have fallen in love!” Thank you for adopting!12066016_10100165985545880_808039349674135102_n

11666266_10100965114290305_34817094937913515_nBoots, adopted from Helping Hands in July of 2014. Thank you for adopting!

Dolce, adopted in 2012 from Helping Hands Rescue. Thank you for adopting!11752430_10153666807690040_5836181508712921130_n

12065606_779524928860465_7799709849786469522_nRosie and her forever person. Rosie was adopted from Helping Hands Rescue in June, 2014. Thank you for adopting!

Dillion aka “Shaggy” (on the left andadopted 2 years ago) and Gus (adopted 3 years ago) enjoying their forever home. Both adopted from Helping Hands Rescue. Thank you for adopting! 12186714_10205436349610485_1621154007160017039_o

Happy Adoption Day! This little girl came in to our Petco adoption event yesterday and she was SO thrilled to take home this kitten! She knew just what kitten she wanted, filled out the application with her family, picked out a kitty blanket and snuggled up her kitten to take it home. Her smile really brightened our day. We wish her family and this kitten many happy days together! Thank you for adopting!


“We adopted our kitty back on May. He’s adjusted well to having a best friend being a hairless dog and being 11937891_10155916275875858_559863401_n 11949659_10155916275850858_979867802_nspoiled by our 3 year old daughter. He is named Kitty/Niele [Knee-eh-lau] which means Nosey in Hawaiian.” Thank you for adopting!


11774817_1022535107770659_1285388493_nThe puppies have “settled in so quickly and they love playing in our big yard. They are starting to learn the rules and some basic commands. We are also working on potty training ( not successfully yet). They are so sweet and we love them so much. We are so glad we adopted both because they love to play with each other . They are such a joy for our family.” Thank you for adopting!

Happy Kittens

siamese and tabby brothers“We adopted our Siamese from Helping Hands Rescue in April and acquired his little yellow tabby brother a few days later so he would grow up with a buddy. As you can see they love each other! Helping Hands folks were all extremely friendly and helpful. Both boys have now been neutered and are up to date on shots. They are slowly learning house rules and now usually get down from the counters or tables with a clap of the hands and a “no”, though sometimes we have to resort to the spray bottle!    They are full of kitten mischief and provide us with a lot of entertainment as we watch them chase each other through the house.” Thank you for adopting!


Hi, this is Router. I adopted him from a Petco adoption day in11760127_606800635540_5728006095579617029_n May 2011. He has become my best friend and a perfect companion. I love him so much.” Yeah! Thank you for adopting!


IMG_20150710_130728_burst_01“I wanted to thank Helping Hands for connecting us with Molly.  She is an amazing dog and we love having her here with us.  The transition has been way easier than I expected, she is a great listener and very well behaved. Thanks again.” Thank you for adopting!


Hank and Buck were adopted together as pups on July 12, 2012.  And look at how theyDSC03699 have grown! Their person said this in a recent email to us. “They are 3 years old and so much alike, but yet so different.  I am so glad we have both of them.” Thank you for adopting!


blackjack1Tobi (formerly Black Jack) was part of a stray colony of cats that were trapped, spayed and neutered. It was quite apparent that Black Jack was not a feral kitty and was, in fact, one of the sweetest kitties that his cat foster had ever had. Tobi was adopted and this is what his family has to say about him! “We are the absolute luckiest cat-parents to have been able to be the ones to adopt him! He is our little light every single day!” Thank you for adopting!


Bella was really having it rough! Her family moved to California and could not take her and then she was separated from her10904185_10203511704819009_1926053785_n sister because we just didn’t have the foster space for both dogs in one home and it was proving very difficult to place them together. Bella was very timid and obviously unhappy. And then her forever person arrived. She arrived in her new home just days before Christmas and what a gift for Bella. We are told she is really coming out of her shell and showing her playful side. We hear the kids love her and she is really settling into her home. In the words of her new person, “She really is the perfect dog for us! Thank you so much!” We thank you for adopting!


DSC_0241Sugar was found as a stray and she was not in great shape. A kind citizen was finally able to catch her and found her to be and older dog and very thin. She also had an injured paw that needed attention. She contacted Helping Hands Rescue and we took her into our care and had her treated at the vet. A friend of the woman that found her decided to adopt her and what wonderful news that was to hear. We don’t know where Sugar came from but we are so glad that she can enjoy her senior years with comfort and love. Sugar has gained weight and her paw has healed wonderfully. We hear Sugar is an absolute sweetie, loves treats and loves to go for rides in the pick-up. Thank you for adopting!

Teddy and Sweetie

These two dogs came to visit us at a Petco adoption event and we were so thrilled to see them! When they Sweetie&Teddywere surrendered to us, they were brought to our vet in a carrier with a layer of ice in it. That was their dog house! They were in need of some serious TLC. HHR had Sweetie’s eye removed and a dental with many extractions. She’s about 8 years old. We couldn’t get over how good Teddy looked when he came in to Petco. They are such lucky dogs to have been surrendered and then adopted by this great couple. Thank you for adopting!

Kona and Jake

IMG_5008IMG_4996IMG_4971Two dogs were surrendered to us last year and they were very unsure and afraid. It was obvious that it was a very hard transition for them. Kona (brown) went to a foster home where he started to relax and settle into the next phase of his life. His foster Mama fell in love and decided to adopt him. Kona’s brother, Jake (black) was adopted as well but immediately started having tummy trouble. He was brought to a vet on multiple occasions but a solution could not be found. Jake was returned to us a few months later and he was in bad shape. He was skin and bones and it was very apparent that he was miserable. He spent a week at one of our vets and they decided to try treating him for a pancreatic enzyme deficiency. In combination with a special diet, things started to improve almost right away. Kona’s family heard about Jake and decided to foster him. They took him home and were shocked at his appearance. Next to his lively and healthy looking brother, Jake looked absolutely awful. They seemed happy to see each other but there was no playing. Jake was not feeling up to that. Jake’s foster took him to be weighed every week and kept very careful track of his diet and medicine. He slowly began to gain weight and he slowly started to act like a happy dog. He started to play with his brother and enjoy his walks. Jake’s foster decided to adopt him during the summer and Jake is now a healthy boy and leads a wonderful life with his brother, Kona. Jake’s family will have to provide medicine and extra care for Jake for the rest of his life but they love him dearly and are committed to caring for Jake and Kona for the rest of their days. We couldn’t be happier for this duo. Thank you for fostering and adopting!


Mo was a loved chocolate lab but his person couldn’t keep him. It was sad for all involved. We had so many great IMG_2968applications for Mo and was very hard to pick the right home. Mo seemed to really like other dogs so we picked a home where he had another lab playmate about the same age. We hoped they would play tug of war for hours on end…and they do. Here is a wonderful photo of the two sacked out on the couch after a good day of rough housing. Thank you for adopting!


Patches nowWe got a call about a very thin and neglected little dog that was picked up by animal control in a rural community outside of town. We got Patches into the vet and were pretty shocked at her condition. She was extremely thin and her teeth were in horrible shape. Her blood work came back with some other concerns and we just weren’t sure she was going to make it. Patches had belonged to an elderly person that suffered from Alzheimer’s and nobody had noticed the dogs neglect. The vet estimated her to be about 13 years old. Her foster Mom took her home and did her best to get her to eat. It was touch and go at first and Patches wouldn’t eat much of anything. But then she found the answer. Burger and rice! From there she has discovered various combinations that Patches will eat with joy. She tell us that she has never used her crock pot so much! Patches has had her rotten teeth removed and relies on her foster Mama to cook her wholesome and yummy food everyday. She has fit right into the other critters in the house and we think Patches is home for good. We don’t know how long Patches will be with us but for now her coat is shiny and she is starting to show a little life and happiness. We couldn’t ask for a happier ending for this sweet little girl.


“We adopted Bob and Tom at the Petco in Lewiston on July 19th.  Here are a couple of pictures of them.  They get along great with our 3 small dogs, two of whom are elderly. DSC_4954They are so much fun and a bundle of energy!  My husband jokes that they go about tearing things up because they are circus performers that must prepare for their next performance!” Thank you for adopting!


10726560_849861505032414_2056149265_nGrace’s eye had to be removed from an eye infection but that did not stop her adopter from falling head over heels in love with her. Grace joined another Helping Hands cat, Sophie! We hear they are very good friends and enjoy frolicking together. Grace had to have another eye surgery and she is recovering well. This is what their adopter had to say about Grace, “She is growing so long and she is as sleek as silk! She is an adorable character…she loves to “attack” her older sister (Sophie); watch outside sitting on a stool; she loves playing with nearly any kitty toy (she adores balls with bells!); she LOVES running through her tunnel(s); she chases me through the house; she enjoys following me around the house to watch what I am doing next; she also purrs more than any cat I have ever known….yes, she is amazing!” Thank you for adopting!


“This is Pumpkin renamed Miss Emily who was adopted a few weeks ago. She is a 3 legged kitty who apparently had a terrible time. She is now sharing a house with 3 dogsPumpkin aka Emily (all rescues) and 2 other cats ( rescues) as well as a 25 year old box turtle (also a rescue). She was terribly thin when she came home but she is now gaining weight and playing with toys. She has the tiniest voice and purrs but she is so sweet. Thank you Helping Hands for sending her home with me.” Thank you for adopting!


Daisy at homeDaisy was surrendered to us because she was not loving the small children in her home. It took us a little time to find the right fit for her but we think Daisy has found her match. She looks beautiful and happy. Here is what her family had to say. “We adopted Daisy August the 4th. She has adjusted to our family very well. She joins our black lab Sam and griffon Tuffy. They enjoy playing together, and then she is ready for our love. Although she has a lot of energy introducing her to children has not been a problem. She is a perfect fit and brings joy to our family. We are happy to have her in our lives.” Thank you for adopting!


DJ’s new family had just lost their best canine buddy to cancer and their hearts were broken. This is their story of adopting DJ from Helping Hands Rescue. “Our house wasIMG_2243 lonely and empty so we decided to look for another pet to adopt. We found DJ through Helping Hands Rescue and brought him home July 25th.  He is the best dog, loyal and full of character; we take him everywhere and can’t imagine not having him in our family!  He’s loves to backpack camp and play and run in the fields at our home.  He does a lot of funny things and has great expressions, we really enjoy him!  Adopting from Helping Hands was a positive experience, they truly care about the animals and we are grateful for the opportunity to have adopted DJ, he is a blessing!” Thank you for adopting!


IMG_3570“I adopted Stella (Siamese-Tabby feline mix) about a month ago and she is doing great. I can’t thank Helping Hands Rescue enough for setting me up with little Stella! Having a mother as a vet has made me a huge animal lover and the house was always full of many critters running around! We love animals of all species, but would keep the home comfy with several kitties. After one of our four passed away a little over a year ago, and another within the last month, we knew Stella was a much needed kitten to help soothe the pain. She’s very loud, needy, and rambunctious but we wouldn’t have it any other way! She keeps the family entertained and the house fun. A big thank you again to this awesome rescue group for helping complete our family!” Thank you for adopting!


“I just wanted to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to adopt a dog from you. I 10728629_10152298215522101_393453792_nadopted Bobby in december of 2012. It was the best choice I have ever made. He is a perfect dog/match for me. You gave a college kid a chance with a dog and it has been so perfect. I can’t thank you enough.” Thank you for adopting!


Pepper_CoopPatches was surrendered to us and she quickly became a favorite in her foster home. She was so well behaved and sweet. It was very hard not to adore her. Patches was adopted by a very sweet woman who is able to take Patches to work with her everyday! We are so happy for the two of them. Thank you for adopting!!!


Bro is a beautiful German Shepherd mix. He came to our rescue when we were overwhelmed with dogs. We didn’t have a ess1409863090250foster and we just didn’t know what we were going to do with Bro! We found him a boarding spot and hoped a forever family would come along. And they did. We thought all was well and then they called to tell us Bro was being growly at the kids and they were unsure if it was going to work out. We started thinking of plan B when they called back and said they wanted to give it more time. We are so grateful for that! Many people are not willing to work through a dog’s anxieties and quirks. They stuck it out with Bro and they have told us that he is a good boy and they are happy to have him in their lives. Thank you for adopting!


Bruce1Bruce was abused in his former life. He and his mother were kept in small crates for days on end and beaten. It was a horrible life and we were so thankful when we were able to take them into our care. This is what Bruce’s new family has to say about this sweet boy. “Bruce has been such an amazing addition to our growing family.  Along with his new brother Duke, he enjoys the company of his two feline friends as well.  Whether he’s playing with his toys, cuddling up, or roughhousing with Duke; Bruce is an extremely happy, healthy, and sweet pup.  We don’t know what we’d do without him.  We’d like to thank Helping Hands for providing  us and other families with the opportunity to give these rescued animals their forever homes.” Thank you for adopting and giving Bruce a life of happiness and love!


“We are thrilled to have Cooper as our Forever Dog.  He became part of our family the night we adopted him.  Thank you soCooper collage much for the wonderful work you do for the animals.  Our foster family was great and really appreciate the fact that they let us come visit the same day we called and allowed us to come in the evening.  When one of his sutures didn’t heal properly, the vet got him right in and took care of the issue. Cooper loves to be a lap dog, loves, loves his walks every day.  He is protective of all of us.  The cat doesn’t like him no matter how hard he tries, but hopefully they will work it at someday! Thank you again for everything you do.” Thank you for adopting!


Annie Chavez“We absolutely love and adore her! She is such a snuggle bug and loves to sleep with the girls and me.  She also loves to play and the girls got two hours of entertainment and giggles the other night when they watched Annie chase after a moth that had gotten into the house.  We know she is going to never let any bug or critter into our house because she is so alert and attentive to chasing and playing with things.  We also get a kick out of the fact that Annie loves to be with us…….all the time — even when we are each taking a shower!  She will perch right on the edge of the bath and hang between the shower curtain and decorative shower curtain (so she doesn’t get wet) and peaks her head out and meow’s now and again to make sure her humans are still ok in all that water. 🙂  She has been the perfect addition to our family!” Thank you for adopting!


“To all the wonderful volunteers at Helping Hands, want you to know that Billie, alias “Spike” is such a wonderful little Spikefriend. Since I adopted him he has been traveling the countryside with me. We made a trip to the Grand Canyon and other beautiful parts of the country along the way. We just returned from another trip in our RV to parts of Idaho. He is a wonderful traveler and such a love. He makes me laugh daily and gives lots of kisses. Thanks to all of you for the work you do with the animals.” Thank you for adopting!


IMG_0170This is what Stripe’s person has to say about adopting this beautiful kitten! “I adopted Stripe (renamed Titan after Saturn’s largest moon) after my cat of 15 years passed away. He is such a kitten! So full of energy and love! He is so easily entertained with anything – string, cotton balls, socks – if it is on the floor or in his reach, he will play with it. He loves to tear across the room as fast as he can and jump from surface to surface. As crazy and hyper as he is, he also loves his cuddles. Titan will sleep in my bed with me every night. I say “sleep” very loosely! He will cuddle for an hour or two until he decides it is time to play! But he is there when I fall asleep and there when I wake up, waiting for pets and cuddles! We have had some memorable moments in just the few months I have had him. The first night he did not sleep for a minute (hence the moon name Titan.) He just wanted to run and play all night! More recently, while I was taking a bath he wanted to hang out in the bathroom with me. To get a better perch he jumped up to sit on the toilet and fell in! The poor little guy shot out of the room so fast! I absolutely adore my kitten. He is the cutest, sweetest little guy. It was a pleasure to work with everyone at helping hands, I wish I could have adopted more kittens! Thank you so much!”
Thank you for adopting!


We have so many kittens every year that are a product of folks not taking the responsibility to alter their pets. We 20140920_164644are so happy when excited people come into our adoption events to pick out a kitten! This young couple picked out Sammy to be their “first pet together”.  They wanted a cat that would be playful and have a fun personality and they sure got it!  They told us that Sammy is so energetic and loves to play.  He has such a loving personality and was soon part of the family. Sammy sleeps on his person’s shoulder at night and has plenty of things to play with, climb on, burrow under, etc. during the day.  He has many toys including his pink monkey, Larry, his shoe string, and his many, many hair ties.  We were told he has probably collected about 30 hair ties from around the apartment!  Sammy’s new people love him to bits and we are so glad they decided to adopt a kitten in need. We thank you too! Thank you for adopting!


Bailey came to us in very poor condition. Her allergies were so severe that her ears were practically swollen shut bailey swim Bailey1and her skin was thickened from so many years of itching and irritation. All she did was itch and chew at herself. Her foster Mom took her to the vet ASAP where she was started on medication, a bathing routine and a specialized food for allergies. Within about a month of her new regimen, Bailey started to show real improvement and her personality really started to shine. She loved to go for walks. She loved her plush toys and packed them around with glee whenever her people got home. And she just loved to swim! When we felt her allergies were under control, we began the search for a family that wanted to love this wonderful spaniel forever and take care of her special allergy needs. A few families enquired but they were unsure about managing her medical needs. Then Bailey’s family appeared. They were so excited to bring Bailey into their home and tackle all of her special needs. They keep in touch with us from time to time and we are so happy to see Bailey so healthy and loving life. Here are a couple of photos of Bailey enjoying the good life. Thank you so much for adopting!


IMG_1852PeanutCocoPeanut and Coco, two doxie crosses, were living in dirty conditions and were in need of some TLC. A new foster family stepped up and took in Peanut and Coco and gave them tons of love and training while they searched for their forever home. It was discovered that Peanut had a thyroid condition and would need regular medication. Their foster parents really wanted to keep the two brothers together so we really needed the perfect family to come along. And they did! After many months, a wonderful young couple came along and they just fell in love with these two boys. They were committed to their care and wanted to provide them a forever home. We couldn’t be happier for these two boys. They got a new lease on life! Thank you for adopting!



We got a call that a dog had been abandoned in a house and he needed our help.  We took Jackson  into our care.  Jackson was 6 years old, sweet, affectionate, loving, playful and just adorable!  We quickly discovered that Jackson did not like to be “fenced in”.  He made many leaps over the fence in his foster home, but always came back. He was adopted right away – who can resist that face – but he was returned because of his escape artist ways.  He was adopted again and was well loved but they also had trouble keeping Jackson off the streets.  We took him in again and we just didn’t know what to do with this dog.  Just when we were out of options, an adopter stepped up and took Jackson home. She was fully aware of all of his quirks and she was going to make it work no matter what.  And she sure did.  Jackson lives with two other dogs, has a doggy a door so he can feel like he has more freedom and he goes for long walks everyday.  Jackson is adored in is forever home and we couldn’t be happier for this guy.  Thank you for adopting!


IMG_8623 (1)

Ginger was surrendered to us around Christmas 2013.  We quickly noticed Ginger had a serious limp in her hind leg.  After x-rays, we learned Ginger had a torn ACL in her knee.  Surgery was necessary to repair her knee and the price tag was high!  The wonderful community of the LC Valley came together, and we raised enough funds for Ginger to have her knee repaired at the WSU Veterinary Hospital.  We also learned that Ginger had hip dysplasia and would need supplements and possible further hip care in the future.  Her recovery was long and she stayed in her foster home for nearly 2 months while her knee healed.  Ginger’s foster family fell in love with her – she loved the dogs, the kids and all of her people.  It was time for her to find a forever home and a very nice couple from BC, Canada eagerly inquired about her.  Their yellow lab had passed away and they were ready to find a new companion.  They were completely familiar with knee problems and were ready to care for Ginger forever and ever.  They drove all the way to the valley and it was love at first sight.  We hear from them often and Ginger is having so much fun playing in the nearby lake and running the trails.  Yeah! Thanks for adopting!

10389188_732206916842698_4539392840547535354_nAnother happy story! This dog is finally getting the life she deserves. We took this girl in after she had been spending most of her life in a kennel, was being abused and was having seizures. She is now on medication for the seizures and she has not had another episode since the day she was surrendered to us. A wonderful family adopted her and in their own words, “She is such a sweet, smart and loving dog. She is such a part of our family, I can’t remember what it was like before she walked into our lives! Trust me she will always be loved and spoiled.” Thank you for adopting!

dogs 025In Loving Memory to Bandit

In loving memory of our boy Bandit who died of cancer August 31, 2012 ..he was very much a part of our family and will be sorely missed. Our other family dogs knew something was a miss and both Bella and Harley spent much of the day licking Bandits face and laying next to him offering him their treats to comfort him during his illness.
We love you Bandit!
Gary and Linda Rosenberger

sassy1In Loving Memory to Sassy

When Sassy was surrendered to us she had a very swollen and painful leg. She was just a skelton with skin over it. We couldn’t tell from the x-rays wheter the leg was broken or not. Our veternarian took a biopsy which came back negative. Sassy was in a great deal of pain , so the decision was made to amputate her leg. At this time another biopsy was sent for testing and this time was positive for osteosarcoma (bone cancer). A chest x-ray was done and we found her cancer had spread. Our Sassy had little time left. After her surgery Sassy thrived for about a week. She gained 6 lbs.. Then one day she stopped eating and moving about other than to go potty. The very difficult decision was made to put her to sleep and be at peace. We thank her foster mom, Gwen, for loving her and caring for her during this time. We also would like thank Orchards Pet Hospital for their care and compassion. And a big thank you to all who donated to her cause, thru your compassion she had the best medical care and passed in warmth and peace and loving arms, not alone, in pain, hungry and cold. We cannot thank you enough for that. HHR