Helping Hands Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, all-volunteer group of animal lovers. HHR has observed a great need in our community to assist, rescue, foster, provide medical care and love for the unwanted, homeless, neglected and abused animals we so often see. Find all of our adoptable pets at

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Newsletter 2014 HHR

Featured Pets

IMG_6914This is sweet Bella. She is an incredibly loving and sweet girl that is feeling very timid and shy after all the upsets in her life. She was raised with her sibling (but due to limited fosters, they are now separated) and small children. We hear she is indifferent to cats but we have not had the chance to test this out. She is almost 2 years old, spayed, house-trained, crate-trained and vaccinated. Since she has been separated from her family, she is feeling very insecure and is looking forward to a home where she can relax and soak up the love. She is currently boarding at a local boarding facility and her keeper can say nothing but wonderful things about her. She bonds very quickly and is just looking for someone to trust and love. Please contact us if you are able to provide a living home for this sweet girl. If you have not already done so, please fill out a foster or adoption application on our website. Thanks!


Cats and kittens looking for forever homes! Cat and kitten adoptions are $60. That includes cat vaccines and the spay/neuter. That is a very IMG_5899good deal and you don’t have to worry about those important things! If the kitten is too young for the spay/neuter, we will still take care of it when they are old enough at one of our vets in town. Please contact us if you are looking for a forever friend!

IMG_3644We have beautiful and loving cats that are waiting for their forever homes. Pick a color and you can bet that we have it! Please let us know if you are looking for a forever friend.



Aurora is a sweet girl looking for a warm and cozy home for the holidays. Aurora found herself with no home after her person developed severe allergies. Folks IMG_6171contacted Helping Hands and we took her in at the last minute rather than see her put outside in the cold. Aurora is 8 years old and deserves to live her senior years with some comfort and love. Aurora is good with kids, cats and other dogs. As is common with senior dogs, Aurora has some sore joints and will need some pain meds and/or joint supplements to ease her aches. She is a little overweight at this time and some weight loss would certainly help with her joint care. If you are interested in adopting this sweet dog, please let us know asap.

Shilo is a very sweet girl. She greets people with a tail wag and a happy face. Shilo is a blackIMG_5472 lab mix, 6 years old and she really needs to find a forever home. She is a happy and friendly dog but she really does not like cats. Her current home has cats and it is not going well! Because of this, Shilo is rather isolated from the home and the people. It is not a good situation for her or the cats and we need to find her a new home as soon as possible. Shilo is house-trained and has good house manners. She lives with a large dog and a small dog and gets along well with all. She has also done well around large livestock. If you think you can provide a foster home or a forever home for this sweet girl, please let us know. Shilo is rather overweight at the moment and is looking forward to some regular exercise. Shilo will be spayed and vaccinations checked prior to adoption.


IMG_5592Lucky is a very sweet boy. His story is not aIMG_3804 very lucky one but despite his hardships, he has continued to be a very kind and loving boy. Lucky was found as a stray on the highway and had injuries that appeared to be sustained from jumping out of a moving vehicle or possible being hit by a vehicle. We will never really know what happened to him. By the time he was taken into our care, his injuries had healed in the best way his body could manage. We brought Lucky to WSU and had him evaluated by their team. Lucky’s front left leg has healed incorrectly and, unfortunately, repairing the elbow does not appear to be an option. Lucky can walk on the leg but has limited range of motion and has some pain in that leg. His pain is currently being managed by pain supplements and joint supplements for arthritis. Lucky likes to go for walks but tires easily so will be prescribed limited exercise for the rest of his days. If his pain were to become worse and not manageable by medication, WSU did suggest amputation of the front left leg. It was not recommended at this time – only if his condition worsens. Lucky is in a foster home with other dogs and his foster mom describes him as incredibly good-natured dog. He just loves people. His foster people take him out and about to new situations quite a bit and he is just happy wherever he goes. He gets along well with the resident dogs. We do not know about cats but believe he would chase a cat that runs. Lucky is about 2 years old, house-trained, neutered and vaccinated. Lucky is looking for a loving home that will continue to care for his needs and give him the love and joy he deserves.

Kona is a very loving and sweet chocolate Pitt needing a forever home. Kona lives life with lots of enthusiasm! She loves to play, run and fetch. She is IMG_5661looking for an active family to give her plenty of exercise and continue her training. Kona has been working with a trainer and she has come a long way in her basic manners and obedience. Kona is eager to show you all of her skills! She is leash trained for walking, running and bike rides. Have a treadmill? Kona is ready to get her exercise on a treadmill on those winter days when nobody wants to brave the cold. Kona has also started some electronic collar work to advance her off-leash work. Anyone looking to adopt Kona must be willing to follow a training program set in motion by her trainer. This will ensure Kona’s successful transition into a new home and lead to a successful adoption. While Kona is in a foster home with other dogs, Kona’s trainer is recommending a single-pet home. Kona is spayed, vaccinated, house-trained and crate-trained. Please let us know if Kona is the forever dog for you. Please fill out an application and then we can put you in touch with Kona’s foster and trainer. Thank you!